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This page is some random info/stories, and my thoughts, as they sometimes occur to me. I also have no idea what other page they should go on.
 California! [2002-12-08] 

Where did the year go? I was just talking to Jeremy about this the other day - it's almost two-thousand-three.
The only thing to really do, I suppose, is get used to it; it's not like the years are gonna come any slower from here on out.
So yes, I'm in California! Just now I had the notion to post some trip pictures up here, but ya know, last night was fun enough to hurt today.

Anyway, I'd like to officially welcome me to my new place, at least for the next little slice of life. Thank you; you're welcome!

And really, I'll put up pictures sometime - they are mostly scenery, though, and pictures don't do scenery quite the justice of the eye, but they're what we've got.

 New York City [2001-09-25] 

It's now two weeks since the day that I woke up, climbed out of bed, dealt with some email, turned on the tv, and couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I saw a split screen, the world trade towers on one side, and the pentagon on the other. And they were on fire.
It seemed so surreal, I didn't know what to do all day; both of the towers fell, our classes were cancelled, and we just watched the news all day.

So now the country is gearing up for something, and one of the articles I posted over on the news talks about a world war being inevitable.
World War is something that HBO has a mini-series about, not something that everyone actually talks about.

Honestly, I still can't believe that something this fcuked up happened, but hopefully we can avoid millions of people all over the world dying.

I don't know what else to say.


 OfficeMax [2001-04-21] 

Well, as you may or may not know, many OfficeMax's around the country are shutting down.
I had actually forgotten about this, but we were driving by and people were out on the street with signs saying 95% off everything. So we went to have a looksie.

On the inside, there was, oh, zero interesting items for purchase, even at 95% off, so we were about ready to go, and the guy gets on the loudspeaker and says "OK Folks, this is where we get silly... come up here to the service desk, get a back, and put stuff in it. We'll sell you that bag for five bucks." !!Holy Schite.

So I was standing right by the toner, which there was plenty of left, and went and got a bag and started filling it. By the time we were done, we had two bags full of various toners, inkjet and laser, and the bill ended up being about $1790 or so, if the receipt it right, and we only paid $10!

So I listed all the items on eBay, and we'll see how much money comes of this. No matter what, the $10 is already made back, so this has just been a matter of the right place at the right time.


 Passat! [2001-03-19] 
I actually got a new car on Wednesday! After much deliberation, I got the new 2001 VW Passat, pictures below (taken Mar 31st).





 PlayStation 2 [2000-10-26] 

I got my playstation 2 today! I am amazed that I actually got one -- originally Andrew and I were going to wait in line, but he decided he wasn't going to go, so here's how it went down: [all times approximate :)]

7:30 wake up by myself and drive over to Best Buy -- with a Wired and my Rio500 in hand, I'm ready to wait
8:00 the people in line weren't that boring, so we all end up talking about getting ps2's, who we're getting them for, beating up line skippers, and such
8:09 one of the women counts everyone in front of us and figures our part of the line is right around 100
8:26 a guy behind us says he's friends with someone in the store, and they have 148 ps2's coming in; unfortunately, the store employees get first dibs, so we're not sure how many there'll be left
8:53 getting a little antsy - they said they're going to give us tickets for playstations, but I don't see them yet!
9:00 the tickets are handed out; one of the kids that works there walks down the line handing out numbered tickets saying "you're getting a playstation" as he does
9:03 i'm number 112! and there are only about 130 left, so the end of the line get $5 consolation coupons or something like that
9:53 the longest 50 minutes of my life, as we all just stand around waiting for the store to open
10:00 the store lets us in! oh, wait - now we have to wait in the "trade your ticket for a playstation line"
10:38 I have my playstation, an extra controller, and tekken tag tourney. awesome! and yet another line is formed - the "checkout line", as they like to call it. d'oh!
11:00 i'm back in my room, and i now get to enjoy the ps1/ps2/dvd playing wonderfulness that is: playstation2.

Well, it was quite an undertaking, but I managed to get a PS2 without preordering, and it's just awesome. You know you want one, just go get one when they get more.

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