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 Friday, 7/6/2001 5:39:49pm 
Location:  Randolph, NJ
Well, I'm back. After many, many hours of flying, several in-flight movies, and even more in-flight eating, I arrived in good 'ol USA on the fourth of July. And the people from British Airways wished us a Happy Independence Day. We saw some fireworks in Denville, I fell asleep from being awake almost 24 hours, and Caroline found it in her heart to apply lipstick to a sleeping & prone Dan -- all I have to say to that: yay.

So I'm just writing this as a final note in the current travelogue saga. It may be resurrected when I once again travel abroad, or even.. whatever the opposite of abroad is; local? Well, that's besides the point - I'll be putting the pictures from the trip up here in some fashion or another, and there will be a great outcry of rejoicing. Really. So come either the end of July, or perhaps August, whenever they actually show up, there will be many, many pictures, and you can all call me and be regaled with stories from those whacky Europeans.

 Monday, 7/2/2001 6:06:55am 
Location:  Amsterdam, Holland
[Local Time: 12.05pm]

The other night we went out and just went to a bar and walked around with Scott and another Scott we met who was traveling by himself; it was a pretty late night, but it was cool to have a big group.

We woke up yesterday and had some breakfast, eventually got ready, and then went to the Anne Frank House -- I hadn't even really remembered it was in Amsterdam, but it was a really interesting place to visit.

Jim and I went to happy hour yesterday, and ended up falling asleep rather early. Jeremy and Andy were sleeping while we were out, so they went out later and came back late. Then we woke up this morning and couldn't keep our room - for a hotel that says they don't take reservations, they certainly seem to have rooms booked early.

Anyway, we're just waiting for our new room, so I actually got it working and have some pictures!

 Saturday, 6/30/2001 1:28:43pm 
Location:  Amsterdam, Holland
[Local Time: 7.27pm]

We did alot of walking yesterday, didn't really eat lunch, and came back to relax before going out for the evening. We were just sleeping/hanging around until 9, actually, and then we went out to have dinner and we walked around the red light district. It was really crazy- there were just so many people walking around and people selling drugs on the street -- guys just walk by wispering "coca, coke, cocaine, ecstasy..." and it got to be a little humorous when so many people were doing it.

We ate at a little diner-type place, not too bad, but Jeremy's stomach has been bothering him since we had the Thai, so he keeps bitching about it :). We woke up a little early this morning, as we lost our room b/c the stupid girl at the front desk doesn't feel like being helpful to guests, and we had to wait around to see if we could even get somewhere else to stay. We did, and went with Audrey to the internet place before going to the Van Gogh Museum. We were about to leave the internet store, and Jeremy recognized someone -- I had thought I did, but passed it off as seeing someone that was in our hostel -- it was Scott Zailer! He came with us to the museum, and we're gonna hang out tonight. Talk about a coincidence; meeting someone from high school in Amsterdam. Anyway, we've just been resting at the hostel and we're gonna decide what to do tonight.

 Friday, 6/29/2001 6:39:23am 
Location:  Amsterdam, Netherlands
[Local Time: 12.40pm]

We woke up on Wednesday and actually found Andy, just walking along the streets, and had some lunch amid arguments over the situation :) We learned about the whole deal with him and the hospital and he told us about the guy in the room with him, the doctor who kept saying he could die, all that.

Anyway, we had all of our stuff at Nico's, who is their fraternity brother from Michigan, and we went to the Posta to try and mail stuff home, but they don't do insured mail, so after we had boxed everything up and tried to impart our intentions to the non-English-speaking people, we had to find a shipping company. It turns out DHL was right near where we stayed, so we went there and got that taken care of.

We went and just hung out at Nico's for a bit until it was time to go to the bus station; it was quite a long, tiring journey with all our crap. We got there early and just sat around before the bus came, and then the long bus ride started. I think we were the only four Americans on the bus, and all the announcements were in other languages. We had rest-stops along the way, but the whole trip was from 6:40 until 10:40 the next day.

We arrived in Amsterdam at the CentraalStation and had to get some money for the tram over to the busabout hostel; we figured we'd stay there because we really didn't have any other ideas and we didn't want to just wander around looking for someplace to stay. We get there at 12, and they don't give out rooms till 1, so we put our luggage in the luggage room and walked around a bit to try and find a pharmacy, as Andy had left his anti-biotic prescription at Nico's. We also had lunch at this great bagel place.

We finally got our rooms, and the other three just passed out, so I went to find an internet place. I ended up walking around for about two hours, and I was mostly trying to find someplace to get my pictures on here, but the only place I found was really far away and the computer kept locking up when I'd get close to doing it.

I got back, we all took showers, and walked around for a while; we tried to meet up with Julie and Alex, but we only accomplished walking alot, and we found this "Eat As Much As You Like... for an hour" Thai place. It was awesome food, and we all ate too much, but it was pretty good. We went back to the hotel and fell asleep rather early; I guess we were just really, really tired from the bus and all.

So here we are today, Andy is doing his laundry, and we have until Wednesday to check out this city. It's actually really cool here. The roads and sidewalks and everything are mostly made out of bricks that they just take up when they need to do work, and people just walk all over. On the roads right around here, the trams go up and down the roads, and bicyclists and pedestrians just walk all over; it just seems like a really quite, relaxed place.

 Tuesday, 6/26/2001 4:26:42pm 
Location:  Prague, Czech Republic
[Local Time: 10.20pm]

Well, alot happened since yesterday afternoon. First, we went to the bus station and got some bus tickets for tomorrow after we went to the internet place; Andy didn't believe us when we told him we'd bought them (he stayed back at the room) and we went out to this cool restaurant from the book. Let me tell you, it rocked. We got all different things, but it was just really good and cheap. There was a whole incident where we met these two girls from America, and they wanted to know where to hang out, and we told them about the bar we'd went to the night before and left to catch happy hour. Then Jeremy rued that we'd left when they never showed up (well, after Jeremy and I had decided to walk home).

So anyway, we wake up this morning and Andy is gone. We piece together from our vague recollections that he complained of coughing up blood in the morning and had decided to take it upon himself to go to the hospital. Alone. In Prague. And we haven't see him all day.

We walked around a bit this morning looking for him, and actually I don't think I mentioned it in the other posts, but Prague is really neat, after you find the neat parts. There's a whole main street just down the end of the street we're staying on, and it's a ten-minute walk to the older part, if it can be called older, where all the cool stuff happens. There are all sorts of huge buildings and cool architecture.

So we walked around all day, bought some things in the shops, checked our email, and Andy had sent us some information! Although slightly unreasonable, as he still didn't believe that we had the bus tickets, as he wanted to stay for a while and the doctor said he shouldn't do any traveling for several days, but we'll see about that. We really don't want to leave for Amsterdam any later than the 28th.

We also went back to that same restaurant; it was again, really awesome. Now we're just trying to figure out what to do tomorrow and straighten out all this travel crap. We walked around Prague for the last hour and a half looking for the hospital Andy is at to actually talk to him, but to no avail. There aren't any large ones, the ones we found were closed, and noone spoke English.

I did almost get a chance to put pics up today, but the guy was being a real hard-ass about me plugging something into their computers when i went under there, and they were waaaay too slow to get them up here anyway.

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